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Tule Red Tidal Restoration Project

Tule Red Tidal

Restoration Project


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Tidal Wetland Restoration

Tule Red Tidal Restoration Project restored 420 acres of marsh habitat on the eastern edge of Grizzly Bay in the Suisun Marsh. The project creates self-sustaining tidal marsh to benefit listed fish and wildlife species, including Delta Smelt, Longfin Smelt, and Salmonids. The project has been a collaboration between Westervelt Ecological Services, State and Federal Contractors Water Association, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), and many other resource agency partners.

The restoration of Tule Red will contribute to the 8,000-acre tidal marsh restoration requirements for the Central Valley Project and State Water Project Long-term Operational Criteria and Plan (OCAP) Biological Opinion.



In 2011, WES began developing restoration plans to re-introduce a self-sustaining tidal flow. WES chose the site for several key factors:

  • Proximity to open water habitats frequented by Delta and Longfin Smelt, as well as Chinook Salmon
  • Potential ecological value for fish 
  • Contiguous with, and includes areas within the CDFW Grizzly Island Wildlife Area.
  • Sediment supply and accretion rates are adequate to keep up with sea-level rise

In 2021, WES turned over the property over to the CDFW who now manages and maintains the site. DWR will supply SWP funding to support the site in perpetuity.


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