Tracking the Flow of Water


A Time Lapse Video of Cosumnes Floodplain Mitigation Bank

Cosumnes Floodplain Mitigation Bank is a 472-acre floodplain restoration site located at the confluence of the Cosumnes and Mokelumne Rivers, in Sacramento County. The Cosumnes River is one of the last undamed rivers in California that fluctuates water levels due to the tidal influence of the Delta. The river flows down the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains into California’s Central Valley.

This video highlights the fluctuation of water flowing into the Cosumnes Floodplain Mitigation Bank due to the change in tide. It tracks the fluctuation over a nine day period.

The restoration of this site began back in 2009 with the contouring of back-water tidal channels and floodplain terraces and replanting riparian forest vegetation. The restoration culminated with breaching the levee on the Cosumnes River to restore natural hydrology and tidal influence to the property, establishing natural processes and connecting the restored floodplain habitats to the riverine ecosystem. The site now contributes to the restoration and protection of natural floodplain and essential fish habitat along the lower Cosumnes River.

To learn more about the project visit the project page.