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Stitches Stream Mitigation Project

Stitches Stream

Mitigation Project

Full Delivery Mitigation

In 2018, WES’ Stitches Stream Mitigation Project was selected as a full-delivery stream mitigation project. The 112-acre site is located in northeastern Macon County, Tennessee, within the East Lower Cumberland Service Area. It is located with the Interior Plateau ecoregion (71g, Eastern Highland Rim). The project will generate compensatory stream mitigation credits on behalf of TSMP.

Before restoration the land was used for a commercial beef cattle operation. The property has been a working cattle farm for at least the last 26-years under the current ownership. This project is unique and showcases WES’ ability to work with the private landowner and the regulatory agencies.



The project will permanently protect approximately 7.5 miles of stream habitat, re-establish 7,740 linear feet of destroyed channel, restore 20,695 linear feet of degraded channel, enhance 9,500 linear feet of stream, preservation of 1,840 linear feet of stream, stabilize stream banks, improve water quality, establish low water crossings, plant native hardwood trees. Cattle exclusion via fence installation.


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