Westervelt Ecological Services

Working with WES

WES offers a variety of different mitigation solutions to our clients. We navigate the complex world of stream, wetland, and species habitat regulations, ensuring successful fulfillment of regulatory permit requirements.

Mitigation and Conservation Bank Credits

Mitigation and Conservation Banks offer clients the opportunity to purchase credits to offset environmental impacts. The key benefits of mitigation banks is reducing permitting time for our clients and the ability to sever liability associated with permit mitigation requirements by transferring associated compliance to WES. Because WES puts restoration and conservation on the ground ahead of client development impacts, our clients are able to mitigate at a reduced ratio and demonstrate permit compliance upon permit issuance.


In-Lieu Fee Program Services

In-Lieu Fee programs are an alternative way to provide environmental mitigation. WES provides habitat planning services to state and local governments or non-profit NGO’s to help complete their off-site compensatory mitigation requirements of their ILF Program.


Full Delivery Mitigation Projects

When mitigation or conservation credits do not fulfill a client need, WES can assist with a full delivery mitigation project. These projects, customized to the clients’ needs, allow the client to pay for services based on specific project milestones outlined in a contract.


Professional Services for a Custom Approach

As top mitigation experts, WES works to tailor solutions to our client and landowner needs. Our team of restoration specialists guide clients through the complex regulatory and restoration processes to ensure project success while providing cost-effective services. Our team of experts are adept at providing creative client solutions.

Mitigation Bank Feasibility Analysis & Market Research

Identifying and determining mitigation opportunities and subsequent valuation services is a core WES competency. WES has expanded these offerings beyond our own projects and now offers mitigation opportunity assessment, valuation services, wetland inventories, biological assessments, fisheries investigations, wildlife surveys, vegetation inventory, and mapping to landowners. Development of over 30 mitigation banks and numerous other mitigation and restoration projects has given WES personnel unparalleled experience in performing reliable, realistic feasibility analysis for wetland and habitat restoration, conservation, and mitigation projects.


Habitat Conservation Plan Implementation & Advising

WES has over a decade of experience in assisting regional and local governments with the development of species or landscape Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs). Working in conjunction with legal and environmental consulting groups, our staff can provide guidance on land acquisition, design-build, and pricing structures vital to the successful implementation of regional conservation efforts.  In California, WES worked with The Natomas Basin Conservancy (TNBC) to implement the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan. This effort included development of site-specific management plans, field reconnaissance data and analysis, and analysis of long-term stewardship operations and maintenance budget planning needs.


WES’s professional in-house associates include:

  • Biologists
  • Conservation planners
  • Construction managers
  • Ecologists
  • Foresters
  • GIS Analysts
  • Land Acquisition Specialists
  • Landscape Architects
  • Market Analysts
  • Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS)

WES offers over 150 years of collective environmental restoration experience by our associates and demonstrated proficiency with strategic planning when unique or specialized studies are required for mitigation project implementation.