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Schultz Creek Mitigation Site

Schultz Creek

Mitigation Site

Bibb County, AL

Permittee-Responsible Mitigation

WES provided compensatory mitigation for Mercedes-Benz U.S. International. The project focused on riparian habitat enhancement and preservation along 6,659 linear feet of Schultz Creek. Schultz Creek is a scenic spring-fed creek at its confluence with the Cahaba River upstream of Talladega National Forest. Schultz Creek is a priority for conservation due to its habitat value, recreation opportunities, and the opportunity to contribute to the delisting of the Cahaba River. Schultz Creek is known to harbor threatened and endangered species and is important for maintaining the Cahaba River’s status as being one of the most biologically diverse rivers in the US. The project demonstrates WES’ ability to quickly identify suitable mitigation sites based on client need, to work with regulatory agencies to receive buy-in, and to diligently deliver mitigation results in a short time-frame.


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