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Sutter Basin Conservation Bank

Sutter Basin Conservation Bank

Sutter County, CA

Species Conservation

The 429-acre Sutter Basin Conservation Bank is located in Sutter County, ten miles south of Yuba City. The location of the Bank is four to five miles south of Gilsizer Slough Giant Garter Snake Conservation Complex- a group of conservation banks and preserves in Sutter County.

The Sutter Basin Conservation Bank site consists of six canals of varying lengths, allowing each canal to be drained separately in order for maintenance crews to dredge and thin out the invasive weeds. This allows the snakes to relocate to another area within the bank when required maintenance is done. The bank also alternates between wetland and upland, foliage and open space, to accommodate the snake’s needs on a year-round basis, and uses a mixture of irrigation and well/ground water to balance out the levels of nutrients and contaminants found in both.

Sutter Basin

Service Area

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The Sutter Basin Conservation Bank service areas includes the Giant Garter Snakes Northern Range (East of Sacramento River); this includes parts of Tehama County, Butte County, Glen County, Yuba County, Sutter County, Placer County, and Sacramento County.

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