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Nicolaus Ranch VELB Conservation Bank

Nicolaus Ranch VELB

Conservation Bank


Species Conservation

Nicolaus Ranch VELB Conservation Bank is a 42.03-acre site to offset unavoidable impacts to the valley elderberry longhorn beetle (VELB) (Desmocerus californicus dimorphus). The VELB is entirely dependent on its host plant, elderberry (Sambucus species), which occurs in riparian and other woodland and scrub communities. The Bank preserves and permanently protects VELB habitat and expands the riparian community in this area. Elderberry plants within a riparian corridor allow for possible movement of the VELB within its range. The Bank provides VELB credits and accepts VELB transplants.



WES has unfortunately sold out of credits from the Nicolaus Ranch VELB Conservation Bank. If you are searching for credits that once used to be available at Nicolaus, please reach out for assistance from our sales team for other mitigation solutions.