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Meridian Ranch Mitigation Bank

Meridian Ranch Mitigation Bank

Butte County, CA

Wetland Mitigation

The 530-acre Meridian Ranch Mitigation Bank is located in Butte County, California and hosts a range of historic vernal pools, vernal swales, and seasonal wetlands that have been re-established and rehabilitated by excavating and reconnecting the landscape features to retain rainfall and runoff. Meridian Ranch restored the damaged landscape which was originally zones to create multiple 40-acre ranchettes. Through restoration, WES was able to establish endangered native plant species that were not known to occur on-site prior. The site also conserves the federally endangered Conservancy fairy shrimp.


Service Area

Meridian Ranch Mitigation Bank has various service areas depending on credit type.

WES wants to answer all your questions related to compensatory mitigation. Whether you have issues related to service areas, credit types, ratios, or agency approvals- we are here to help.

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