Westervelt Ecological Services
April 2014

Mariner Vernal Pool Conservation Bank

Mariner Vernal Pool

Conservation Bank


Species Conservation

Established in 2007, Mariner conservation bank is 160-acres of rolling grasslands west of Lincoln, in Placer County, CA. The site supports some of the highest quality vernal pool and Swainson’s Hawk habitat in the County. This includes a diverse assortment of vernal pool plant species and the first known occurrence of Conservancy fairy shrimp in the county. Finding this federally-endangered species, in Placer County has redefined the understanding of the species’ range. Historically, the property has been used for grazing without modifications to its topography, and therefore has retained its naturally contoured complex of vernal pools and grasslands.

Mariner_fairy shrimp

Credits Sold Out!

WES has unfortunately sold out of credits from the Mariner Vernal Pool Conservation Bank. If you are searching for credits that once used to be available at Mariner, please reach out for assistance from our sales team for other mitigation solutions.