Feasibility Analysis & Market Research

Mitigation Bank Feasibility Analysis & Market Research

Our expertise in the field of environmental restoration can assist landowners and government entities in identifying and determining mitigation opportunities on their properties, along with subsequent valuation services.  Services include wetland inventories, biological assessments, fisheries investigations, wildlife surveys, vegetation inventory, and mapping.

WES personnel have unparalleled experience in performing reliable, realistic feasibility analysis for wetland and habitat restoration, conservation, and mitigation projects. In addition to developing over thirty mitigation and conservation banks.

Habitat Conservation Plan Implementation & Advising

WES has over a decade of experience in assisting regional and local governments with the development of Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) for a particular area or species. Working in conjunction with legal and biological consulting groups, our staff can provide guidance on land acquisition, design-build, and pricing structures vital to the successful implementation of regional conservation efforts.  In California, WES has provided Natomas Basin Conservancy (TNBC) support services for implementation of the Natomas Basin Habitat Conservation Plan, including site-specific management plans, field reconnaissance data and analysis, and analysis of long-term stewardship operations and maintenance budget planning needs.