Our Solutions

Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) provides mitigation and conservation credits at our banks across the United States. Mitigation and conservation banks offer substantial ecological and financial benefits over traditional individual permittee responsible mitigation, providing superior habitat and severance of liability to the client for mitigation performance.  Most importantly, the use of credits reduces permit processing time and provides regulatory agencies certainty that compensatory mitigation will be successful in offsetting project impacts.

WES offers the following advantages over traditional permittee-responsible compensatory mitigation:

    • Responsibility for mitigation implementation and success is transferred to Westervelt upon one time purchase of credits, rather than being assumed by the client, who would otherwise be responsible for the design, construction, monitoring, ecological success, and long-term protection of the mitigation site.
    • Assurance that the compensatory mitigation will be successful in offsetting project impacts.
    • Reduced permit processing times and cost-effective compensatory mitigation opportunities.
    • One time purchase of credits results in cost savings and efficient use of limited agency resources to review and approve mitigation.
    • Extensive planning and scientific expertise available to clients for custom mitigation solutions.

To learn about our wetland, stream, and conservation credits, visit our our wetlands page. 

To learn more about our available credits in our service areas, visit our our searchable banks database.