Notes From the Field


Monitoring at St. Marks Mitigation Bank

St. Marks Mitigation Bank is a 1450-acre wetland site ideally located adjacent to a vast assemblage of conservation lands alongside the St. Marks and Aucilla River drainages in Florida. Substantial portions of the mitigation bank include areas identified as potential rare species habitat.

During a recent survey a total of 320 vascular plant species were documented – far exceeding the target threshold of 40 non-invasive species. When we include a few additional species noted along transects the total count increases to 323 native plants.

The documented plants include 28 species with NatureServe G ranks of G4 or lower. (NatureServe ranks plant species from G1 to G5 with G1 the most imperiled and G5 considered secure at present).

Leitnaria floridana (Corkwood) has a global NatureServe ranking of G3 and is considered threatened in FL with a state ranking of S3.  It appears that the St. Marks Mitigation Bank represents a significant conservation reserve for this plant.

an image of the St. Marks Mitigation Bank

Leitnaria floridana – J.S. Peterson @ USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

a photo taken during the survey - Bartrams airplant Tillandsia bartramii.

A photo taken during the survey – Bartrams airplant Tillandsia bartramii