Notes from the Field – Alabama



Feral hogs are becoming an increasing problem through the country. With few natural predators¬† populations of wild pigs are poised to explode in many areas.¬† WES is not immune to such problems. Several of our Banks have pigs on them. In many cases, rooting by pigs can cause tremendous damage to native biodiversity. Pigs can also root up plantings, spread disease and have even been known to kill some of the animals we’re trying to protect. In many cases, the presence of pigs is at the expense of the goals of ecosystem restoration that we’re trying to achieve. Other then tasting good, there are few other admirable qualities of free-ranging pigs.

an image of green grassy weeds in very muddy water

One bank about to come online is Alabama River Mitigation Bank. With the nearby floodplain of Alabama River acting as a superhighway and large number of deep swamps that provide refuge, pigs numbers have exploded. A trap has been set up and monitored for at least one week. During this period, at least four separate sounders (“herds”) have been found using this baited trap. This week marks the beginning of an aggressive program to remove these nuisance animals from this property.

an image of wild boars in a fenced off wooded area