Notes from the Field


Alabama and Mississippi

As an associate biologist for Westervelt’s southeast office, Andrew Parsons covers a lot of ground while overseeing our banks in Alabama and Mississippi.  Along the way, he makes some interesting cultural discoveries and gets up close and personal with the various species that call our banks home.

For example, on a recent trip to our Alabama River Mitigation Bank, Andrew discovered an old moonshine still!  The still was on a small patch of high ground in the middle of a swamp and hadn’t been used in 50+ years. According to Andrew, the outlaws would haul the ‘shine out of the swamp with a boat!

During another trip, while visiting our Chickasawhay Conservation Bank in Mississippi, Andrew snapped some photos of an eastern diamondback rattlesnake and a gopher tortoise. Not a surprise to find them on the same site since the snakes utilize the same boroughs that the tortoises dig.

an image of a Snake in an Alabama Conservation Bank

an image of a tortoise in an Alabama Conservation Bank