St. Marks Mitigation Bank

Westervelt Ecological ServicesSt. Marks Mitigation Bank

General Information

The 1450-acre wetland site straddles the Jefferson and Wakulla County lines in an ideal location adjacent to a vast assemblage of conservation lands alongside the St. Marks and Aucilla River drainages. This bank serves as compensatory mitigation for projects which impact mixed hardwood and pine flatwood wetlands.

Substantial portions of the mitigation bank site include areas identified as potential rare species habitat. Specifically documented plant and animal occurrences within a 6-mile radius of the bank include: Florida Black Bear, Suwannee Cooter, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Bald Eagle, One-toed Amphiuma, Eastern Indigo Snake, White-flowered Wild Petunia, Incised Groove-bur, Chapman’s Sedge, Curtiss’ Sandgrass, Corkwood, Beaked Spikerush, Godfrey’s Spider lily, and Thorne’s Beakrush. In addition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has recently listed the area as critical habitat for the flatwoods salamander. Several areas of known breeding ponds or observed adults have been documented within a 5-mile radius of the bank location.


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Service area:

St. Marks River Basin, including portions of Wakulla, Jefferson, and Leon Counties

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