Construction Season at Westervelt Ecological Services


Worker Environmental Awareness Program (WEAP)

Its construction season here at Westervelt Ecological Services and with every construction project WES starts with a WEAP.  No, we aren’t passing around a box of Kleenex, WEAP stands for Worker Environmental Awareness Program.  It’s a program used to educate personnel about the existing on-site and surrounding biological, cultural and historical resources, of special concern, that may be encountered during the construction project.  It also explains measures required to protect these resources and the consequences of not complying.

The WEAP consists of a presentation, given by the Project Manager and Biological Monitor, to all on-site personnel including surveyors, engineers, contractors, supervisors, inspectors, subcontractors, and delivery personnel.  Personnel are given a ‘take away’ version of the presentation to use as reference.  Once training is completed, all participants must sign and certify that they have received and understand the training.  The measures outlined in the WEAP are implemented throughout the life of the construction project including site preconstruction, construction, operation, and closure.

The WEAP is just one part of WES’s commitment to avoiding impacts to sensitive resources during the busy construction season.  The picture below was taken at a recent WEAP training.

~ Chris Hollandphoto