Colorado Water Congress 2019


Colorado water law is distinctive. As the state’s population steadily increases, competing demands for water application and usage become increasingly apparent. Whether or not shifting water demand can be adequately met with existing water supply has been a subject of active discussion. With the success of ecological restoration being directly influenced by the outcome of local and regional water allocation decisions, WES staff do their absolute best to remain informed.

For Westervelt Ecological Service’s Rocky Mountain Region, membership with Colorado Water Congress (CWC) has been a great way to become involved with these discussions. As members since 2018, we feel that the core beliefs and values of CWC align closely with WES’s vision of landscape-scale land management and holistic, collaborative approaches to intractable issues surrounding finite natural resources.

As described on their website,, Colorado Water Congress is dedicated to:

  • Successful promotion of policy that supports high-quality sustainable water supplies through protection of water rights, conservation, planning, management and infrastructure investment.
  • Thoughtful and equitable development and administration of water laws, regulations, and compacts within the framework of Article XVI of the Colorado Constitution.
  • Fair representation of every watershed in Colorado and every type of beneficial water use.
  • Clear communication of relevant, accurate, and timely information.
  • Active engagement of our members through education, collaboration, and networking.

In support of CWC’s mission, Westervelt Ecological Services helped sponsor this year’s annual convention held in Westminister, Colorado January 30th – February 1st, 2019. This was an invaluable opportunity for WES staff to learn about the future of water in the arid west as the area’s population anticipates continued growth. Staff was able to engage with a number of municipalities, state representatives, private firms, environmental and water rights experts.

By Chloe Lewis, Rocky Mountain Region Project Planner/Business Development Associate

CWC 2019