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Grasslands Mitigation Bank is a 281-acre site located in Merced County, California. The bank was approved in 2015 by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Department of Fish and Wildlife to provide credits for impacts to the giant garter snake and seasonal wetlands.

The property is ideally located adjacent to other protected lands that are managed for wildlife and wetland purposes including the Volta Wildlife Area, operated by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, where the last remaining viable population of giant garter snake within the San Joaquin Valley is located.

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Grasslands Mitigation Bank

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Service area:

The wetlands service area includes the EPA level III ecoregion (California Central Valley) within the two 6-digit HUCs that encompass the San Joaquin and Tulare Basins north of the Kings River. The Giant Garter snake service area consists of the Northern Tulare Basin, San Joaquin Basin and portions of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta Recovery Units.

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