Working at WES: Corey Ng’s Experiences as a GIS Intern


            By Eliana Bono



Intern Corey Ng

Corey Ng

This summer, Corey Ng worked as a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Intern, under the direction of Mike Lozano, Senior GIS Analyst, who taught him new ways to apply his GIS knowledge. Corey Ng has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Cornell University and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from University of California, Berkeley.

As a GIS Intern, Corey’s work with WES spanned many facets:

Credit Research  

Skilled at spatial modeling, Corey was an essential addition to the WES team. “[We] put him to work immediately helping us develop and improve mitigation opportunity and suitability models for regions that Westervelt is currently investigating for mitigation opportunities,” Mike Lozano said. 

Corey incorporated existing mitigation bank data into GIS in Western Oregon, which is essential to aid in market analysis for potential expansion to Oregon.  

He collaborated with the Rocky Mountain region to aid in evaluation of wetland and stream mitigation demands throughout the state of Colorado by developing GIS models to evaluate mitigation credit potential. The image below shows Corey’s combined model of credit potential. 

Corey’s model of the Rocky Mountain region indicating higher credit potential across the density and impacts of wetlands and streams.  

Map of the Rocky Mountain region using Corey’s combined models to predict credit potential. The darker colors indicate higher potential.

Data Cleaning 

Corey used innovative thinking to enhance the GIS data for Little Egbert Tract, one of WES’ restoration projects, and developed his own model to ensure data cleanup was achieved. According to Mike Lozano, this was a difficult site, but he knew Corey was up for the task.

“[Corey] was able to resolve mapping issues with automated GIS tools that made it possible to have the mapping complete[d] way ahead of our anticipated schedule.”

Map of Little Egbert Tract, displaying that Corey's work was focused on the southern tip of the tract.

Map of Little Egbert Tract. Corey’s work focused on the southern tip of the tract, where he continued greatly in data and GIS assistance.


Additionally, Corey updated the California Digital Elevation Model (DEM) by filling in missing data gaps from over ten years. The maps below show a significant improvement in available data.

Compared to the previous CA DEM data, the updated CA DEM data is spans across California.

Corey assisted WES in enhancing their DEM data in California. Compared to previous data he started with, the updated data has information across the entire state and beyond.


Impressed with what Corey brings to the WES team, Lozano is excited to continue working with Corey throughout his next semester.

“His ability to analyze and resolve complex mapping problems effectively has put his services in demand.”


By Eliana Bono 

Eliana is a summer Marketing and Sales Intern at WES and will be continuing to work with WES in the fall. She will be graduating from University of California, Davis in December 2021 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning and a Communication minor.