Arlington Plantation Mitigation Bank

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General Information

Arlington Plantation Mitigation Bank is an approved commercial mitigation bank providing stream and wetland compensatory mitigation from within the Middle Alabama River watershed (HUC 03150203). The bank sponsor, Lone Oak Capital, LLC, is the authorized bank sponsor under Army Corps of Engineers permit SAM-2014-00722. The 364-acre site is located on both the east and west sides of James Creek in Wilcox County, Alabama.

In addition to water quality improvements, the bank will provide beneficial habitat for aquatic and terrestrial species within the project site and downstream.
The bank is approved to sell wetland and stream mitigation credits for impacts within all or portions of Wilcox, Monroe, Butler, Clarke, Dallas, Lowndes, Marengo, Monroe, and Perry Counties, Alabama, as well as additional areas under the Proximity Factor Method.

Westervelt Ecological Services (WES) is the authorized agent and representative for credit sales.




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Arlington Plantation Mitigation Bank

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Service area:

Site is located in Wilcox County, Alabama.

Includes all or portions of Butler, Clarke, Dallas, Lowndes, Marengo, Monroe, Perry, and Wilcox Counties

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