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Bear Creek Mitigation Bank

Bear Creek Mitigation Bank

Bay, Calhoun, and Gulf Counties, FL

Wetland Mitigation

Bear Creek Mitigation Bank (BCMB) is owned and operated by Bear Creek Timber, LLC, under the management of Forest Investment Associates. Westervelt Ecological Services acts as the authorized agent for mitigation credit sales from the bank. BCMB was developed to offer compensatory mitigation to satisfy Section 404 of the Federal Clean Water Act and other state and local requirements.

BCMB is comprised of approximately 3,000 acres of wetland mitigation northeast of Panama City, Florida. Located within Bearthick Swamp, the bank is in a high priority ecological corridor that connects the Apalachicola National Forest to other large conservation areas, including the Econfina Creek Corridor and Eglin Air Force Base.

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Service Area

WES wants to answer all your questions related to compensatory mitigation. Whether you have issues related to service areas, credit types, ratios, or agency approvals- we are here to help.

The bank is located in the St. Andrew's Bay and Chipola River watersheds and is appropriate mitigation for most impacts within the St. Andrew's Bay watershed and portions of the Chipola River and Apalachicola River watersheds, including portions of Bay, Calhoun, and Gulf Counties, Florida.